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    Default Re: Corporate Responsiblity for International Affiliates

    This is going nowhere.

    Your expectations are pretty out of line and you aren't buying property, your dating...and I use that term loosely.

    The corporation didn't make you fly to the Ukraine, that was your choice.

    Her English is spotty...better than your Russian, right? How did you expect to communicate?

    You are dealing through a third party, multiple third parties, in Russia and the Ukraine, and you expect what, perfect blemishes accuracy and honesty? You don't get that dating here.

    As I said, your expectations are out of line.

    So, go to Small Claims Court. Perhaps you'll win, perhaps you'll lose. IT's clear though, with your attitude and your appearance, that you're not going to capture any sort of beauty without paying some serious coin.
    "Where do those stairs go?"
    "They go up!"

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    Default Re: Corporate Responsiblity for International Affiliates

    That entities registration with the CA Secretary of State seems to have been canceled in May of 2015. Lest than 2 months after it was registered.

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