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    Default Corporate Responsiblity for International Affiliates

    My question involves business law in the state of: California.

    I joined this dating website called and I have been on it since 2015. It features exclusively Ukrainian ladies and I picked one that I liked and I corresponded with her via the web site and also by email since 7/2015. This year in January I finally flew out to Kiev to meet her. At the time I didn't realize it, but she was an IMPOSTER. She was not the girl I thought I would be meeting although she was a close look alike. I have spent over $3500 in fees just chatting with her over the 3.5 years and my trip cost $2600 by the time you factor in her accommodations, 12 hour bus trip and other things she demanded that I buy for her while in Kiev... All these ladies are supposed to be interviewed and confirmed by the local agencies throughout the Ukraine. The main company is located in Nevada and in California. I'm in California. I have just now learned that there were 5 complaints against this company at the Better Business Bureau in the last 12 months. There are pages of complaints about the website on about them. One of the main issues is that the main company website claims that they do NOT pay any of the ladies to write letters to men. I'm certain this is rubbish, and they are in fact paid for each letter by Ukrainian agencies throughout the country. There were days when my mailbox was inundated with hundreds of emails from women with some of the stupidist letters I've ever read.

    My question is does a corporation here in US have a responsibility for the activities of the goings on of meetings in the Ukraine? The US company hires affiliate agencies to recruit these ladies. While some of the ladies may have sincere intentions of meeting someone, there are many bad apple agencies.

    Here's a link to my website where I have posted photos of my meeting in Kiev with my friend. I believe that I was communicating with her for the last 3 years. When I chatted with her on the website, I always thought that my typing in English appeared on her computer in English. What an assumption. I have learned that every word I typed was translated into Russian so she could understand me and respond. Her computer had a Russian keyboard, and all her words were translated back into English for me. Her profile states that she has an "Intermediate" level of English... This is ridiculous and when I met her she could not speak a single word aside from hi and bye, and could not understand me. I had a paid translator for 3 days of this and it was pricey. She picked the translator also. I think they could have been in cahouts. I paid him 300 euros on the first day which included some taxi fares and I knew nothing about them. I had to pay all her expenses and before the trip we chatted online. She demanded that I send her money directly so that she could stay at a place where she had stayed before. She refused to let me book her a place at a reasonable hotel near where I was staying. I guess I was naive and she probably took her bus trip and stayed at a friends house keeping the $350 I sent her for herself. She also got another $70 from me when she asked me for it because she needed to go to the hospital because she was in pain and had problems with her gal bladder.

    Here's the photo page :

    Please take a look at the photos and tell me if you think the girl sitting next to me in the restaurant is the same as the girl in the other photos. Do you think the girl holding the card with my name on it is the same as the girl to the right in the red? If so, is she the same girl sitting next to me?

    I should have asked to see her ID when I arrived at the airport. She was there with the translator. I believe this is a different lady and if you look closely at the picture of her sitting with me, her lips are not as full as the other lady and her eyebrows don't arch as much. Also her chin in more rounded and the other lady has a chin that is slightly pointed. The lady sitting next to me is a close look alike to her. What do you think?

    Is this US corporation liable for this bait and switch on me? Can I be successful at small claims to get a refund of my money?


    Is the US corporation liable for this bait and switch?

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