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    Default Not Given Proper Treatment for Work-Related Injuries

    My question involves workers compensation law for the state of: Florida.

    i am currently having issues where i dont believe im getting the proper treament for my injuries, what should i do

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    Default Re: Work Comp Laws

    As a last resort you can hire a workers comp attorney.

    Meantime, you are free to seek proper treatment with doctors of your choice.

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    Default Re: Not Given Proper Treatment for Work-Related Injuries

    Unless your employer has a managed health care plan that was approved by the WV insurance commissioner, in which case you must choose from physicians in the plan or approved by the plan, you can get your care from any doctor who accepts worker's compensation patients.

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    Default Re: Not Given Proper Treatment for Work-Related Injuries

    from employee brochure:
    the company will Provide a one-time change of physician within five business days of receipt of your written request.
    you can also get specific information from the Division of Workers Compensation:

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