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    Default Failure to Get a New Driver's License After Moving

    My question involves a driver's license issued by the State of: California My daughter lives in California and had not changed her license She was ticketed for speeding
    22350 speeding
    12500 unlicensed driver
    4000.4 cvc cal based vehicle Can she go get her license changed to California He gave her a court date of July and told her not to move her vehicle from the parking lot Weird I thought a warning would do

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    Default Re: Can She Still Legally Drive

    She'd better get her license and title and registration changed to CA before her court date.

    If the DMV will issue the license she'll be able to drive.

    She may even get one or two of the tickets dismissed.

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    Default Re: Can She Still Legally Drive

    VC 12500 and 4000.4 can be correctable violations (i.e. "fix-it tickets"). The court can allow them to be correctable even if the officer did not indicate that they were on the citation itself. The VC 22350 speeding offense, however, is NOT correctable.

    Also she has to understand that she can continue to rack up additional violations if she continues to drive the vehicle - or any vehicle - without proper license and registration. In fact, if she is found to be continuing to drive after being informed of her unlicensed status, she could be charged with a misdemeanor criminal offense. While unlikely, it is possible.

    If she has a valid license and registration in another state, she should make the appointments necessary to correct the issues ASAP.
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