My question involves a marriage in the state of: NY

I posted a couple months ago and got some great information here so I am in need of some more advice. My husband and I were married in NY where he still resides but I currently live in CA and since I've been here close to a month I've met the residency requirement here. I want to file for a divorce and my lawyer keeps telling me that due to CA not having jurisdiction over my husband I can't file here in CA. But then when asking here I was told that since I am not seeking any property or spousal support I can file here, I was also told this at the self help office at family court. My lawyer won't help me file the papers here and keeps saying I can't file here. Can I just go and file without representation easily enough if I use the guidance of the self help office at the court? I'm also currently working on getting child support through a uifsa petition so is it better to wait on filing for divorce or does it not matter since they are separate. (we have custody already figured out through the CA court due to a restraining order). Should I just again ask my lawyer about divorce here since we still have them retained? Thanks in advance for any help you guys can give me.