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    Default How to Seek Medical Bill Reimbursement After Getting Rear-Ended

    My question involves an injury that occurred in the state of: Arizona

    Hopefully this is the correct forum for my question.

    My wife and I were involved in a rear ended collision. The at fault driver's insurance company has accepted liability. So, for our medical treatment we used our personal health insurance company and paid our co-pay's. So, I'm trying to figure out what is the insurance companies obligation is to reimburse for our medical expenses. Below is an example of one small Doctor Bill: So, is the insurance company required to reimburse for the total amount billed or only our out of pocket co-pay?

    Amount Billed: $303.00
    Plan Discount: $132.57
    Plan Paid:$95.43
    Co-Pay: $80.00

    Thanks for the review and response.


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    Default Re: Medical Bill Reimbursment

    For any liability claim you submit the amount billed in order to quantify your claim.

    Arizona's "collateral source rule" prohibits the at-fault party from reducing your claim by any amounts paid by other sources. So your claim can include the entire billed amount of all of your treatment.

    Arizona also prohibits medical insurance companies from seeking reimbursement out of your settlement.

    Come back to this thread if you need any more discussion.

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    Default Re: Medical Bill Reimbursment


    Hopefully, you will see this reply to this thread.

    Today, I spoke with the claim's adjuster handling this claim regarding a settlement. The guy stated he will provide our out of pocket expense (copay) and will wait for our Health Insurance company to file their claim for reimbursement of what they had paid to the medical provider's. The termed he used was our health insurance company will subrogate their claim. I have never received a request from our health insurance company to provide the at fault parties automobile insurance companies claim agent for them to submit a claim to recover what they had paid out to our medical provider's.

    So, I'm at a bit of a loss of what you had indicated above. Were you indicating reducing the claim for the entire medical bills both our copay and what was paid to the medical provider or reducing just a personal injury settlement claim offset by the medical bills? I guess I'm not understanding everything.

    Thanks for the response again

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