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    Default Can You Get a Liquor License With a History of Past Violations

    My question involves a professional license in the state of: Georgia

    Hey, this question is for the location of Morrow, GA.

    I'm going to simplify these questions, I have 2 :

    1.) If a person once had a liquor license but violated it with an old partner of his (The partner really did the violating) can I apply for a Liquor License with it just being in my name ? Or they can't give it to me because I'm "associated" with the past violator ?

    They aren't business partners anymore, I just wanted to step in and become owner of the bar.

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    Default Re: Liquor License

    You're not being clear. If you were one of the owners of the establishment that had a liquor license that was got violations against it, the board can indeed hold it against you. If you were not affiliated with the business that held the license (at the time it was held in violation), then you should be able to show the former owners are not affiliated with you (either as owner's of the new business or lessors).

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    Default Re: Liquor License

    So they can hold it against a person if they are affiliated with the old owners that had the license? What if a person is affiliated , but everything is in the new owners name?

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    Default Re: Liquor License

    Yes, they can. But your question was can you apply and the answer to that is yes.

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    Default Re: Liquor License

    Here's the story.

    My Wife's cousin (Kenji) went into business with his co-worker (Frank) to start up a restaurant/bar. Kenji was basically more hands off and allowed Frank to run things, such as do the hiring , hire promoters etc. To keep a long story short, while Kenji was away, Frank was stealing money, and really running the place recklessly (all of this while Kenji was away).

    To keep a long story short, they went to court and the judge granted him 100% ownership of the place. So my wife, volunteered to go in 50% of the business with her cousin Kenji. So they had to get a whole new EIN, trademark etc. The only problem is, this lady I guess who's in charge of the Liquor License approval in Morrow, GA said she can't approve the Liquor License for that particular venue because of liquor violations done in the past, she even said that my wife can't get it in ONLY her name because she's "affiliated" with Kenji (which by the way had nothing to do with the violation situation, he was away) I know that probably doesn't mean anything, just a disclaimer)

    Is there any way to still get a Liquor License in her name? Or can I do it in my name?

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    Default Re: Liquor License

    You will need to contact the licensing division of the GA Dept. of Revenue and ask what their appeal process is.

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