My question involves malpractice in the state of: AZ

Hello, Apart from "Causation" what other criteria do malpractice attorney use for choosing to work with a potential client.

Here is the scenario. I had an attorney review my records ' in house', then he sent it out to medical expert for review. As per attorney ' there is merit' but he does not want to take the case. He did not give me any other reason than this.

This is a case of delay in diagnosis, delay in treatment with subsequent loss of a body function. As we all know if there is a delay in diagnosis with delay in treatment the outcome might be less than optimal. And if the diagnosis was made ASAP and treatment started immediately the chances of the better outcome is highly likely.
Not sure if I am missing something.

Part of me feels I should look for another attorney, however not sure what to expect. Am I wasting my time looking for attorneys !

This is the second attorney who dropped the ball.

The first one was holding on to my charts for ' several weeks, refusing to return email or phone calls". At the end he sent a note saying that he is busy with few trials and would not be able to spend ' quality time on this case, as it's complicated'