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    Default Can You Work Part Time While Collecting SSDI

    Hello I and my spouse are on SSDI
    We joke between us there is almost a whole person.
    Last year we talked to the SS office and they told us we could work
    as long as we reported it to them, which is what we did.

    We worked for a food delivery which we were able to help each other.
    Now we have a meeting to see if we still qualify for disability.

    We need somebody to look at our case to decide if there is anything to worry about,
    and if there is what would you recommend we do.

    It has caused some extra health side effects which require us to take a few to several weeks off,
    but we feel the extra income is worth it

    We look forward to hear from you, or maybe somebody else who has been through a situation with SSDI like ours.

    Thank you

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    Default Re: SSDI Can You Work Part Time

    My sister just went through that.

    In 2018 you could make up to $1180 per month per person and not lose benefits.

    In 2019 you can make up to $1220 per month per person and not lose benefits.

    But that's not the whole story.

    If you made more than that you may be able to deduct impairment related expenses to bring the SGA below the limit.

    If you had earnings under $850 per month per person in 2018 or $880 per month per person those months might have been in a Trial Work Period. After that there's an extended benefit period.

    What was the starting date of the SSDI benefits?

    When did you start working?

    When you go to your appointment ask for an explanation of:

    SGA - Substantial Gainful Activity.
    Trial Work Period
    Extended Period of Eligibility
    Impairment Related Expenses

    A lot of that information is on the SSA website. Suggest you play around on it and become familiar with all the details.

    When you go to the meeting bring copies of both your pay stubs for the months that you worked.

    Also bring copies of documentation of your Impairment Related Expenses.

    Read the following pages on what those expenses might be. When in doubt bring it anyway and let the SSA person decide.

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    Default Re: SSDI Can You Work Part Time

    Have you continued to see your doctors for the impairments you were both approved for ? Do your medical records indicate your impairments have improved to the point you can perform SGA ? Although if you have performed SGA for 9 months,within a 60 month period. You are no longer considered disabled. Despite what your medical records might say

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    Default Re: SSDI Can You Work Part Time

    Obviously it is helpful for the two of you to work together, but SSA has to separate you when evaluating the work activity. Did you both get a paycheck for this job? Was it the same amount? What parts of the job do each of you do better than the other? On both work reviews, you can explain how the two of you divide up the work. Your employer might be able to substantiate that as well. One of you is less impaired than the other, even if you add up to one whole person.

    Both cases will be looked at to see if you used any trial work months (the $880 a month) or if you engaged in SGA (Substantial Gainful Activity $1220 a month). And that is primarily determined by the amount of money you earned (before taxes) each month. Hope you either reported all earnings or you have saved all paystubs.

    The previous poster was correct that IRWE can reduce wages to below the SGA level. You may not have any IRWE though; you have to be spending money on things that allow you to work that a non-disabled person doesn't have to spend money on. And have proof of it.

    The work incentives (TWP, EPE, SGA, IRWE) exist so you can try to return to work without fear of losing SSDI right away. They don't exist as a method of you earning a little more money, although it can work out like that for you.

    Also might want to read The Red Book of Work Incentives, also at

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