i bought a motorcycle knowing it didn't have a title ! it was a stand up guy he is in the air force just didn't have time for this bike ! anyway checked the vin came back good . his facebook had pics of when they bought em in 2016 so.... I got what i needed to get this title . bill of sale and power of attorney! well at the dmv they didn't have any record on this bike , it is a 2016 and still had the 60 day tag from the dealership from 2016 , so it has never been registered ! doesn't the dealership at least make sure the vin gets in the database. this guy is already overseas on tour for like 3 years . convenient , how am i going to get this thing on the road ? can i get mso/mco with the p.o.a ? its worth a little rat race its got 1000 miles on it I justr want to ride