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    Default Registration Suspension Appeals Process in Pennsylvania

    My question involves vehicle registration or title in the state of: PA

    So im got a letter from Penndot informing me that my registration would be suspended as of March 3rd 3019 for failure to notify the state of my new insurance. I changed insurance companies and had a 10 days lapse in between coverages during which the vehicle was not operated.

    I had previously recieved a letter from penndot asking me to submit information about my new insurance company/state that the vehicle was not in operation that during the described 10 day period.

    I had ALOT of stuff going on and totally forgot to notify the state of my new insurance policy. So I admit complete fault for not sending in the requested information.

    So my question is this.... Should I formally appeal the suspension in the court of common pleas, or should I just pay the $500 civil penalty to avoid the suspension alltogether. Is "i forgot to send in the new insurance information in the required time" a legit appeal defense, or would i just be wasting the courts time.

    Money is very tight at the moment as i was recently hit by a drunk driver, and had to take time off of work for recovery. That is another story, and is currently in litigation.

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    Default Re: Registration Suspension Appeals Question in Pa

    You should call PennDOT, if you provide the proof of insurance that shows you were less than 31 days lapsed and an affidavit that you didn't drive during that time, you should be able to get off with just the restoration fee and not the civil penalty/suspension.

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    Default Re: Registration Suspension Appeals Question in Pa

    Flyingron, thank you for your speedy reponse!

    I previously spoke with a penndot rep that advised to seek legal counsel. But i called a penndot s few minutes ago and got everything squared away.

    I mis-spoke when i said march 3rd. The official suspension date is MAY 3rd.

    This new representative informed me that as long as i provide an updated insurance policy active during the required time and an affidavit stateing that I didnt operate the vehicle, the suspension will be totally avoided.

    So again, thank you for saving me the time and effort!

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