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That's crazy. I got all of my bloodwork for my last physical in about 5 minutes but a simple test for BAC is something that should be able to be done as quickly wherever the blood is drawn.
Yes, but you aren't having the test done with an eye toward having it admitted in court as evidence. The state has to ensure that the test will meet the requirements for admissibility, which means doing things that a regular medical clinic may not do, like documenting chain of custody, ensuring the test is done to specific requirements, properly preserving some of the blood to provide the defense in discovery so the defendant can have it independently tested, and knowing who did the test so that person can testify as an expert should the defense challenge the test results. For all these reasons and more police departments prefer to use their own labs or the lab of the state police (or whatever they may be called in that state). And those labs tend to be short staffed such that they cannot run the tests the moment they come in like a hospital or medical clinic may be able to do.