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    Default How to Stop Roommate Harassment and Bullying

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: Utah

    I share a lease with two roommates. One of these roommates has been bullying me for over half a year (there is recorded evidence of this on my phone). The other roommate is close to the bully due to the fact they are close in age, they attend the same college and work at the same store. One of them will always lie for the other and this has been said to my face.

    Roommate, the bully, has gone into my bedroom without permission (prompting me to put a lock on my bedroom door), pounder on my bedroom door with a closed fist so hard the walls shook, taking my belongings and tossing them in the backyard, and much more.

    The worst, though, is the constant verbal and emotional harassment. She yells horrible things to me through my bedroom door including telling me I should kill myself, telling me my deceased father is probably ashamed of me and how I turned out, calling me stupid and countless other things that I have recorded evidence of. It got so bad in January that I requested a formal meeting with the roommates and the landlord.

    Roommate 1 has parents in real estate and has brought her mother to the home to try and document how horrible I am in an effort to get me kicked out of the home. Nothing was found that could be used in this manner. Frankly, I haven't done anything wrong.

    When we moved in, we all agreed that we would pay rent with one paycheck and take care of the utilities with the second paycheck. I have never strayed from this agreement and my bill money has always been payed to them, in full, at the time we all agreed upon.

    The situation has escalated and I have been told they don't want me here and I need to find them another roommate and over out. I am not in a financial position to just pick up and move, but I have been actively looking for a place where I can live in peace.

    What I would like to do is send them an email (also sending a copy to the landlord) telling them that due to the harassment I have dealt with I need to stop communication with them except through email. I want to let them know that all further contact will be recorded as evidence of the outrageous behavior.

    Am I legally allowed to do this? I have done everything I could to make this situation better and I am the only person in the home who has put in effort to be a good roommate. I cannot deal with the bullying anymore. Any advice on the situation would be amazing. I need to know what my rights are here. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this long post.


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    Default Re: Roommate Harassment and Bullying

    You can send them whatever you like, but declaring that further contact will be "evidence of the outrageous behavior" doesn't automatically make it so.

    If you move out and your roommates get evicted, your landlord can come after you for rent. If you move out it is also possible that your roommates will sue you for your share of the rent.

    If you do move out, and your lease has a provision for automatic renewal or extension, make sure to notify your landlord in writing and in a manner consistent with any terms in the lease that you will not be a tenant for any renewal or extension of the current lease.

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