My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: California

I have literally been losing sleep over worrying about this ticket, as it will decide whether I can keep my job or not.

I drive for a living, as a recovery agent (repo)
I was coming off a 12 hr shift along with a co-worker. 430 am, freeway posts 65 mph max. I got pulled over by CHP, who stated 95 mph, I replied 95?!!
He asked what were you 2 doing, racing priuses? I just shook my head, ashamed for going so fast. He said if he could have pulled us both over he would have.

Cited 95 in a 65 making me ineligible for traffic school in lieu of point.
Because he did not check 'radar' on my ticket, I pled not guilty via mail, and now have my trial in 3 days.......

If my speed is not reduced to 25 mph, I literally lose my job. Period.

I have a clean record, I think in my 40 yrs of driving I have only had 1 other speeding ticket for 15 over, traffic school and done, that was at least 15 yrs ago.

I feel ashamed for my irresponsible actions and would beg the judge to consider reducing, even allowing me a deferrment if that is what it's called, a probationary period with no further tickets I would be grateful.
Should I tell the judge what it means to my life? It's tough finding a job at my age that will support a mortgage and car payment, I could lose it all.

What would you say the chances are of getting it reduced and what should I say?

Thanks so much, whether the news is good or not so much! I need to know what to expect....