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    Default How to See a Doctor and Have an At-Fauld Driver's Insurance Pay for It

    My question involves an injury that occurred in the state of: VA

    I have never been in an accident before that was not my fault so I am a little unsure what to do in this case. Accident was last Tuesday. Police was called and other driver was cited for running a stop sign and at fault for the accident. Both our cars got towed and mine is currently at the shop to get fixed. I am using my insurance because otherwise I would have to wait for the other insurance to finish their investigation.

    I started to have really bad back pain on Sunday evening and I was hoping it would just go away with some pain med and rest it did not and I am planning on going to the doctor today. I really dont want to pay for this out of pocket and would like to find out what I need to do to either get reimbursed for the cost or have the other persons insurance paid for it directly? Anything specific I need to request from the doctors office? I want to make sure I dont forget anything that might be important.

    I wanted to add, I have people tell me to get a lawyer, but is that really necessary since there is a police report saying the other person is at fault?

    Thank you,

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