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Writing performance reviews for subordinate employees is not something that higher-ups look forward to (it takes their time away from doing their work) and they may not be giving the employee a fair evaluation or explanation of the performance just to get through it.

Have you asked your report why they wrote what the wrote? You may want to have that conversation.

After you have that conversation, ask if you can put a response in your personal file for the record. Some companies allow it and some won't.
Thank you for your responses, everyone. You've confirmed what I thought.

And yes, I did ask him what he meant by that....and I could have written on HIS evaluation, "Does not respond well to honest questions." Lol

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Absolutely true.

I was responding to commentators statement that unless it involved money raises or something op shouldn’t be too concerned. My statement was meant to suggest there could be a serious issue affecting op even if it resulted in no immediate negative actions.
Yes. It did involve a potential raise.