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    Default My Employer Will Not Correct My Hours on My Time Sheet

    My question involves labor and employment law for the state of:

    Hello I live in the state of Texas and I have a screen shot of the offer of double pay approved by management for a shift I worked as well as proof that I performed the work. I noticed that the hours were not showing up on my digital pay sheet and I contacted payroll regarding this in which they said it would take 48 hours, it has been past 48 hours and they have still not updated my time sheet, I have contacted them again and still no resolution, I want to assure I am paid my hours worked by the next pay period. I am a flight attendant so, this is per trip and picked up a trip that was RED FLAGGED meaning we are to be payed double, I am not the only person who is dealing with our company not furfilling their promise of being paid double hours and a lot of us our having issues getting the company to pay. We have contacted payroll and seem to be at a loss, any advice? I know we can file a dispute with the department of labor but what else can be done?

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    Default Re: My Employer Will Not Correct My Hours on My Time Sheet

    You need to wait until the payday happens. If it doesn't show up then, you might consider filing a complaint with the your state or the federal DOL, however they may not be able to do anything about the double time as it's probably in excess of what they mandate.

    Do you have a union? If yes, your rep should be able to help you.

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