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    Default Can You Get a Restricted License in Florida While Suspended in a Different State

    My question involves a driver's license issued by the State of: Illinois revoked my licence 18 years ago, I've been eligible for full reinstatement for 10 years, I've moved to Florida and sent in my Out-Of-State hearing application 2 weeks ago. This process can take 4-6 months, I've turned in a very complete application and dont see a problem receiving relief of my privlages to drive. Is there a way to get a restricted drivers licence in Florida for the interim period? I've done all treatment In-patient, IOP, and OP, showed proof of such, been sober for a year now all fines and court costs are paid, just need to drive to work and meetings. Bri

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    Default Re: Can I Get a Restricted Dl in Florida While Waiting for Illinois Decision

    If another state has you marked ineligible in the NDR, Florida will not issue you any kind of license. You need to clear your status in Illinois.

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