My question involves vehicle registration or title in the state of: PA

So im got a letter from Penndot informing me that my registration would be suspended as of March 3rd 3019 for failure to notify the state of my new insurance. I changed insurance companies and had a 10 days lapse in between coverages during which the vehicle was not operated.

I had previously recieved a letter from penndot asking me to submit information about my new insurance company/state that the vehicle was not in operation that during the described 10 day period.

I had ALOT of stuff going on and totally forgot to notify the state of my new insurance policy. So I admit complete fault for not sending in the requested information.

So my question is this.... Should I formally appeal the suspension in the court of common pleas, or should I just pay the $500 civil penalty to avoid the suspension alltogether. Is "i forgot to send in the new insurance information in the required time" a legit appeal defense, or would i just be wasting the courts time.

Money is very tight at the moment as i was recently hit by a drunk driver, and had to take time off of work for recovery. That is another story, and is currently in litigation.