My question involves a person located in the state of: California

I sort of asked a similar question on another thread. But I wanted to be more specific here.

I just found out that 100% of my disability is being taken to pay for a child I did not know I had, making me, my wife, and 8 kids, soon to be homeless and hungry...

But on another note, not paying child support is a crime. A felony. You can go to prison for it. For a very small amount. I am already past the cancelled passport amount, and worried I will be arrested and deported when my host country finds out (I live abroad). It won't be long, and I will be past the federal felony mark.

But my question: How can the government FORCE a disabled person to work, or go to prison?

How is that legal? Is there nothing in the ADA that prevents this? Even if I COULD work, where I live, I would work grueling hours for maybe $60 a month. Like 20 hours a day of medieval style construction work.

Thank you for any pointers.