My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: California

I made a delivery in a company truck in a gated residential community that they call a country club last week. I was so tired and I may have let the truck to roll faster downhill than intended, a "public safety officer" gave me a citation for speeding 10 miles/hour more than the speed limit. I was so tired and didn't think and gave him my driver license when he asked for it, then he told me that this citation didn't affect my driver license and told me to call the phone # on the paper to ask how much the citation was. I was at least smart enough not to sign the citation, not sure if it made any difference. I suddenly realized that this is a private property, and he may not be a real cop. Is public safety officer considered police? I should refuse to give him my driver license.

My questions:
1. What if I don't pay the citation? Can they send it to collection agency? The citation contained my name, address, company truck licence plate and description, time and date. But it didn't show my driver license #, not sure if he even wrote it down at all. The citation is paid to the country club, not government. The citation doesn't look like a real traffic ticket, just a small piece that say Rule Violation Citation. I haven't called the phone # for the citation cost, and don't plan to.
2. What if I refused to show him my driver license at the time? Could he call the real cop and would I get a real citation for real? I just want to know what to do next time I encounter situation like this. Of course, I won't speed again, but mistake happens.