My question involves real estate located in the State of: Pennsylvania

We are purchasing a brand new townhome with cash in Northhampton County, PA in an established development (single-family and townhomes built and sold there for seven years). The title insurance seems pretty expensive, especially the "enhanced" version. We're questioning whether we need it, after reading stories of it being overpriced and often containing lots of exclusions to protect the insurer in case anything did happen.

This is a development with hundreds of homes built over the last seven years, each of which has likely had title searches done, in addition to the developer's title work when purchasing the land. We do own the land under the townhome, I think some townhomes do not come with land or it's leased but not in this development.

Aren't we paying a professional to do a thorough job in the title search as part of our transaction? Wouldn't we have claim against them if they missed something? Why can this insurance only be bought at closing, preventing us from shopping around after the closing? Prices may not vary much anyway as I believe it's regulated in PA, but it still seems expensive. Understand why mortgage companies would require it to protect themselves, but we're paying cash and this is a brand new townhome.

Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions.