My question involves criminal law for the state of: ok

I sent an email back in January to the county court clerk concerning a domestic violence case involving an ex. The court is located 100 miles away from where I live. I asked to remain anonymous and described some of the things he had done 20yrs ago. I have never heard back from them, which was exactly what I wanted. However, just recently, I looked it up online, and noticed subpoenas had been issued on March 18. One of the subpoenas didn't list a name, only listed the person as D.V.V known to D.A. This COULD be the wife, since she is listed as a victim, but the D.A won't get very far with her as she has stated she's not a victim, and isn't planning on testifying or showing up. My question is: How do D.A's generally handle the subpoena thing? Do they normally subpoena people they have not contacted or spoken with? What are the chances this subpoena is for me vs someone else? It is very possible after all, that other victims exist from his past. I don't even know for sure if the court clerk even received my email, since there was no confirmation or response to it either way.

I had posted earlier about this but had a different question. However, I can't find those posts.