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    Default Ex-Spouse Failed to Turn Over Tax Refund Money

    Question? I have just found out my husband hid 7,000$ on last years tax return to avoid paying me 30% per our seperation agreement. He turned over false documentation to my attorney and the judge of which i just gained proof. Irrefutable proof. Can this become criminal instead of just civil and breach of contract? This isnt his first stunt pulled under the agreement and i figured that 2,000$ that he owes based on the percentage and contract would qualify as criminal...paired with handing over false documents for lawyers and judges to sign off on?

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    Default Re: Can You Get Part of an Insurance Payout on Property Awarded to Your Ex-

    Your attorney is the person who is best positioned to tell you if any crimes occurred, and whether a local prosecutor would charge somebody in this type of circumstance. Laws vary by state.

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