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    Default Can You Be Criminally Charged for Tearing Down a Fence on Your Own Property

    My question involves civil rights in the State of: West Virginia

    I was arrested on 6-1-18 for tearing down a fence on my own property. I had a verbal agreement with the neighbor because she did not want a pallet fence put up on my property, I had agreed to her putting up a fence as long as it was 6ft high and went the length of the yard. Wel neither of these happened. When I got a paper for court about why my dog was taken I went out and started tearing down the unfinished fence and the neighbors called the cops.

    The prosecuting attorney told me at my recent hearing that he could have won the case for destruction of private property. I know this isn't possible considering we had a verbal contract that she failed to follow through with and the fact that its clearly on my property and lines up with my house perfectly. Now as for being arrested I knew as soon as I seen the female cop I was going to jail, She has a grudge against from before she became a cop.

    So there were three cops here, the one put cuffs on me and stated "ok" I went to walk down the steps and he yanked on my handcuffs and injured my hands, then once I found out I had to go with him, knowing his issues and his aggressive behavior I didn't want to go with him, and I wont lie I did throw a fit bc I scared but then the female officer pushed me and told me I was white trash.

    When I screamed for my husband to call an ambulance because I felt something pop in my back her statement was " your Not going to the the hospital". I already had back issues before this and she knew it from when she hung out with my ex husbands ex girlfirends son when they were in school. How do I or can I file a law suit for this. I have called multiple attorneys and no one in my area will take the case they tell me to call out of the area.

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