My question involves criminal law for the state of: California


Just now I remembered that I got a traffic ticket back in September for my registration being a month or two expired (4000(a) - VC4000(a)-I- No Current Registration). So like anybody else I payed for the registration and moved on.

Here's where it get's annoying, the DMV sent my registration stickers to the WRONG address, my old address. I confirmed with them and they threw it away! So I went back to the DMV and paid to get it resent, surprise surprise they sent it the WRONG address again (my current address WAS up to date, they just messed up). Anyways than I got a new job and moved quite far away where I don't drive much.

Flash forward to today and my registration is paid and current (I can search this online and everything would check out); however, I still don't have tags, but that's probably another issue.

The huge issue is that I forgot to prove my fix it ticket because of the move and only just remembered today. Checked online, and they slapped on a 40509.5 - VC40509.5-I- FTA Civil Assessment/Suspend License charge, which can be a misdemeanor I believe! The fine is outrageous for a registration that I DID correct. I had no idea there was a court date for such a minor offence and had no idea that I missed it. I just paid for my registration promptly in September and moved on.

Anyways, what do I do to get out of this?? Apparently my license is suspended and I have a huge fine for a fix it that I corrected, but forgot to prove.

Any help is appreciated.