My question involves criminal records for the state of: Alabama

Who is the trial judge who ordered another court reporter to transcribe from the apparent sole audio recording of the capitol murder/death penalty case of Tawuan Townes?

What are the court reporters names and is it true this is the second time this same trial judge had an audio recording retranscribed?

If it is true this happened before, did the audio recording get lost the prior time?

It is hard to imagine in the United States our Supreme Court does not initiate Habeas Review and issue a mandate speaking to what seems beyond merely outrageous; especially since none involved with the highly irresponsible handling of the supposed only easily-duplicated and easily-stored-safely audio recording are being held accountable.

Well that and the media sure seems to have a black-out on disclosing the names of all involved, including the trial judge.

This means this could happen over and over and over again.