My question involves a child custody case from the State of: CA. First off i had a DVRO put on me on 09/29/2016 here in Sacramento,CA. I have been in compliance of the RO at all times. Second i filed a request of order on 12/31/2018 and when to mediation on 01/17/2019 and a court date on 02/05/2019. When trying to suver her found out that she wasn't living in CA. any more.So on the mediation date she had called in to the mediator and told her that she doesn't live in CA. any more. the mediator put her on speaker phone and we came to an agreement that i would write my daughter and to send this letters to her moms house and her mother would forward the letters ( she had them sent back to sender ).On the court date the made orders that i write my daughter. Now i have found out that my daughter is living with some friends of her mothers in PA. and she is back here living with her boyfriend in sac. Can i file an ex parte to get either custody of her or at least get her back to CA. so i can get some sort of visitation going. THANKS