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    Default How to Pay Child Support if Your Income is 100% Commission-Based

    My question involves a child custody case from the State of: Washington

    I am considering a move to a job role that is paid 100% commission with no base. Currently I am salaried and pay support automatically every 2 weeks.

    My question is, if I'm paid weekly and 100% commission, how can I set this up with the support office? If there is a week that I don't make any sales, but then make sales the next week to cover both, would they take double the amount the week they were able or something different I need to set up?

    My concern isn't from a monthly view, as I know during the entire month I would be able to cover my support. But more on a week by week basis.

    And should I notify the office that I am paid weekly rather than biweekly, or does that not matter as long as they amounts are still being released?

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    Default Re: Moving to 100% Commission Pay, How Can I Pay

    If, by support office, you mean the state's child support agency, you should be talking to them about this.

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    Default Re: Moving to 100% Commission Pay, How Can I Pay

    Living in Washington state, I can tell you that DSHS is pretty willing to work with parents if they are indeed trying to pay support correctly. Also, they don't normally care WHEN you pay during the month as long as by the end of the month your support is paid. Here is a DSHS child support website that you can use to make and track your payments:

    My husband's child support was technically due on the 15th and the 30th of every month. It never actually posted at that time due to either his employers paying randomly, or our personal checks processing slowly through their system. DSHS was just happy that it got paid every month. Not once did they ever question the timing of the payment during the month it was due.

    Also, having worked with them for YEARS, I can tell you that we never met a case worker who wasn't extremely helpful. If they know you are doing your best, and just have questions, they are more than happy to help you navigate challenges or issues.

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    Default Re: Moving to 100% Commission Pay, How Can I Pay

    Two things struck me of interest in your post.
    - It is the employer's problem to correctly withholding and remit the child support payment based on the allowable percentage of disposable wages and the monthly target. Not your issue. Assuming of course the employer has actually been served by a child support order. Your talking to the court is fine, but technically the legal requirement is on the employer. While I would not routinely send CS calculation worksheets to the court, if I really had a CS order on someone who was legally classified as 100% commission, I would in that case. Might even send one to the to the other spouse to prevent him/her from calling up payroll and wasting our time. I would also contact the court if we had temporary layoffs or otherwise were preventing the employee from working their normal hours. I would rather contact the court then have court contact me (payroll).
    - The only employees that can legally be paid on a 100% commission basis are Outside Sales. Not your question, but if you are not Outside Sales and you are not some flavor of statutory non-employee, then the employer is breaking the law. The phrase "100% commissions" is one of those which sets off warning bells to anyone who knows labor law. It is legally possible but hugely misused by employers.

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