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    Default Expunged Petty Theft Misdemeanor Working at School District

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: CA/ 8 years ago going to 9 I was convicted of petty theft misdemeanor...I terminated probation early and expunged in 2013..

    I am looking to apply at school district as a teachers assistant and I met all requirements. Final interview was a week ago all went well.They said they were checking references.A friend that I put as ref notifies they called her right away. I.have been truthfully honest since beginning of my past mistake it was during a hard time in my life I was in tremendous pain and acted impulsively was not even interested in items i took.Since I am.a finalist/qualified candidate and my conviction was a long time ago, nonviolent, and expunged do.I.have a chance? Its.been a week and im feeling a bit discouraged, they did not.give me a set deadline when I would get offer. I did great during interview and everything went well. Any words of encouragement are appreciated.I also have granted exemption from Nov 2016 expires Nov 2019 from a daycare I applied to. I sent in proof of my rehabilitation expungement and 3 months later I was approved to work at daycares senior centers and schools they.mentioned.

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    Default Re: Expunged Petty Theft Misdemeanor Working at School District

    One thread per subject please. Original thread here:

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