I'm sorry if this isn't' the correct forum but my question didn't seem to fit in any of the other forums.

In my internet experience I"ve been able to find online criminal public arrest/court proceedings for most any state I needed. A simple google search and
maybe a little navigating on a state or county website was all I needed. I've been looking for info on an arrest in North Carolina and I
am not finding anything. I've searched at the state level and the county level for a few different counties. I guess it's possible they're not online yet.
Do all states put arrest info online? She was arrested about 8pm Jan 7th, 2019. She was supposed to see the judge on the 8th or 9th.

Does anyone know the URL/website for North Carolina court system? or public records or arrest records. I'm also searching Durham, Orange and Chatham counties.
I found websites but want to make sure I"m on the right sites.

If this post is more suited for a diff. forum I will gladly repost there. Thanks.