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    Default Do You Have to Report an Expunged Conviction to State Board of Professional Engineers

    My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: Mississippi

    I was convicted of a misdemeanor possession charge that was expunged about 4 years ago. When filling out the application for licensure through the Mississippi board of professional engineers there is a question that asks if I have ever been convicted of a misdemeanor. Can I answer “no” to this question or does this board have access to my seal records?

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    Default Re: Mississippi Board of Professional Engineers and Expungement

    It would be important to see the specific question before stating whether "no" would be an acceptable answer. You can always call the board and ask.

    The record still exists, it's just not available to public view. Since any employer under MS law can ask if you have an expunged record, one approach would be to answer the question by simply saying "expunged."

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    Default Re: Mississippi Board of Professional Engineers and Expungement

    It's better in most cases to divulge rather than to appear to be lying.

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