My question involves real estate located in the State of: Pennsylvania.

We're buying a townhome, which includes property, from a builder in a new development. But they're wanting us to use their title company and said it's unusual for us to to have an attorney involved since it's new construction, so that sounded a bit odd to us. Also that there isn't an inspection. Is that standard practice? We've bought pre-owned homes before but not new construction.

This particular unit was originally ordered by someone who had to cancel the deal due to a family issue. Based on a lot of research we've done it seems like a great deal, other units in this development get snapped up at asking price or get bid up, it's a pretty hot location with homes built in the last four years, all happy residents that we talked to, and more streets going in. We're paying cash. We have a very good realtor, but she's not a lawyer, so just wondering.