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    Default Can You Get in Trouble for Mistakes on Your Bankruptcy Court Documents

    My question involves bankruptcy in the state of: GA.

    I am married filing Chapter 7 by myself. The main concern i have is that I was mistaken on the dates my non-filing spouse worked/not worked. Even though the amount of annual income he made was reported correctly, the dates he worked was in error. He actually did work fairly consistently in November and December., up to December 21, and then started up again January 25th.Working on and off (DAY PLAY) I was mistaken when I told the Chapter 7 Trustee that he hadnít worked before January 31st. He did do so, Day Playing. Basically on call. So I donít know if we have to re-do the means test? But the amount on the taxes is correct. So the only thing that really changed was the dates he worked. we thought we were correct, but we went back thru everything, and found the error. I was the one not working since October, but my husband did work. Is this going to be a big deal? I do suffer from PTSD and Anxiety, and when I get flustered or nervous, my brain canít think clearly.

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    Default Re: Can I Get in Trouble

    All I can suggest is that you redo the means test with the correct information and file it with the court.

    It's better to own up to it now rather than have the court find out later. Make sense?

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    Default Re: Can I Get in Trouble

    yes, we have appointment with the attorney on Thursday. he should be able to amend the paperwork. so I am thinking it will pop me over to a 13. will that be with a new trustee? I really don't care for the one I have currently. even she and my attorney kinda got into it a bit. ughhhh. so stressful.

    on a side note: if the new means test pops me to a 13, and we have to amend the paperwork from my earlier mistake, since I am not working, but on disability, but non-filing spouse IS working, and we do not have a joint bank account, or any other debts together ( I am only on the deed to the house) will they make HIM pay for my Chapter 13 payments? if so, how is that fair? they are my debts alone. could I still be under a 7??

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