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    Default How to Find the Best Lawyers for a Drug Injury Case

    My question involves malpractice in the state of: New York City

    My case involves medical malpractice regarding risperdal. I've seen many law firms advertise their legal services on TV here in New York City. But I don't know which of these firms are successful or have experience in these cases. Where do I search for the best lawyers for this as a possible case?

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    Default Re: Where Do I Search for the Best Lawyers for Risperdal

    Read this article.

    No one here is going to make recommendations. You might contact some of the lawyers who advertise and ask if you can speak with a few clients to discuss their experiences.

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    Default Re: Where Do I Search for the Best Lawyers for Risperdal

    If you want to join the class action suit. Put Risperdal class action in google.

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