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    Default Re: Extortion Attempt

    I wasn't asleep, I remember it. But nothing ever happened to me. I only got this email yesterday.

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    Default Re: Extortion Attempt

    Everything is hackable, especially in the home. Most risks/incursions simply see how far the badguys can get, elementary school for badguys.

    Anymore you can buy programs that help you hack, be it novice or pro.

    ALWAYS PROTECT YOUR EXPOSURE(S) ONLINE. I learned that a few weeks back big-time when my BFF changed one of my PCs screensavers to a pic of his dog's butt. Hacked with permission and could only see it after digging deep in the processors. Security never responded to prevent.

    And Verizon's JetPak never saw a thing. At all.

    But now I have a declassified detection program, if anybody so much as farts toward my PC, it goes into lockdown and kill mode. To unlock and confirm J-4 subjects reqires a few too many steps however. Small price for a modicum of prevention.

    (...once again, chuckles googles....J-4 this time...)

    CLUE! Among other things, J-4 is absence of life for the most part.

    Like DRT, or instantly-terminal lead poisoning, among a plethora of others.

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