My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Florida
I caught the problem thank goodness when there were only two lugnuts out of six holding my right front tire onto the rest of the truck. I had just left Toyota dealership where new front brake pads had been installed. Mechanic did NOT road test as per company SOP. Vehicle was shaking from the minute I drove away, I thought it was out of balance (I am not the professional mechanic, they are) Dealer fixed the resulting problems and loaned me a vehicle for three days over the weekend. They offered $4,000 in free maintenance. I said I wanted a new truck. Waiting for their answer on that. A less honest person might have noticed the missing or loose lugnuts and just kept on driving, it's like winning the lottery only thing is you might end up seriously hurt or hurting or killing someone else. I did not think of that at the time, but only later as I thought about the might have beens. That dealership is darned lucky that this happened to me, and not to some unaware person or senior citizen who is hard of hearing or doesn't know what the heck is going on. I think I deserve a significant reward.