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    Default Plea Bargaining a Moving Offense to an Infraction

    My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: WA

    I was cited for failure to stop at a stop sign.

    Via email I've negotiated to ammend the infraction to a non-moving violation in hopes this will keep my insurance from going up. The prosecutor has offered me my choice of either expired tabs or violation of the seatbelt statute with a penalty of $136.

    Any reason I'm not aware of to choose one over the other?

    I figure either:
    1) It doesn't matter.
    2) Maybe the seatbelt one could still hurt my insurance so I'll choose the tabs.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    For the record, I'm ineligible for a deferred.

    (Replying because I forgot to subscribe to this thread.)

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    Default Re: Offered Choice of Ammender Infraction. Which to Choose

    I donít know, probably it doesnít matter but your logic seems fine to me.

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