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    Question Beneficiary is Illegally Transfering Funds from Representative Payee Account to His

    Beneficiary has had ATM & cell phone access to his funds for years and the bank never caught on or monitored these accounts. He's been committing account takeover of rep payee's account because she is old and and it's her son taking it. But the deposits are still illegal, there's account overages of the limit, mixing of their benefits, and other illegal acts. Brought it to bank managers attention and asked her to look at elders history. No bills paid, pay day loans consuming all of her money every month. Then following day made police report with copies of statements. Come to find out the cop put me AS THE SUSPECT! With social security's rules/laws regarding these accounts and the banks rules/regulations why won't they charge the REAL suspect? Or investigate him? I was only the messenger. Or are these rules/regulations/laws just a bunch of baloney?

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    Default Re: Beneficiary Committing Illegal Bank Transfers from Rep Payee Account to His

    I read your other posts. If your allegations are correct, then this is theft or elder abuse, not Social Security fraud. Although a 90 year old is generally not a good choice as payee, generally speaking.

    If your mother's doctor's sign a form SSA 787 stating she is mentally incapable of managing her own money, then she will require a rep payee and will not be able to continue being payee for the son. There are payee agencies that will do it for a fee. Your brother will not like it, but it seems you need to be protecting your mother.

    Not sure you can do anything about the past if law enforcement won't. And it is doubtful your brother has any way of paying back the money even if found guilty of theft.

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