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    Default Re: NJ: Town Denied My Request for Body Worn Camera Audio and Video

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    Precisely what I was referring to when mentioning to the OP that there might be some other statute outside the NJ OPRA that might apply, or be thought to apply, here.
    True, but NJ tried to list all the applicable exemptions in that page that I linked, not just those in the OPRA. It is of course possible that one got missed, but in any case it is on the police department and solicitor to identify the specific exemption (the actual code section) on which they rely; simply noting "juvenile" doesn't cut it.

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    Default Re: NJ: Town Denied My Request for Body Worn Camera Audio and Video

    First, I would like to thank you all for engaging in this discussion with me.

    I’ve spent more than enough money on attorneys in the past decade defending myself against false accusations in PfAs and litigating custody. I’d like to attempt to do this myself as it is not as high stakes as the other matters.

    Mediation has been scheduled for May. I’m considering sending the solicitor a letter where I basically say, ‘if the town will continue to argue I am not entitled to the video I kindly ask him to state the statute they city will argue applies’. I will carbon copy the mediator on this letter as well.

    I believe that is a normal course of action. What are your thoughts \ feelings?

    Thank you again for your time in this discussion.

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