My question involves business law in the state of: Alabama
I have been a member of a hunting club for 20 years now. This said club I am the vice president of and recently we voted to be a stalk only club. The other members that wanted to be a dog club were angry. So the president of the club starts a non-profit corporation in clubs name to "keep anyone from getting lease." Thing is, this "corporation" that him and his wife started has them as president and secretary, listing me and another member as directors. I didn't give permission nor did the other member to do this, all of a sudden there it was. Now any vote is his and her way because a tie vote the president gets to decide according to paper work I looked up on our business online. So I would like to know how can someone just put you in a corp, without your knowledge or permission???? Is this even legal??? But most of all, What do I do to get our club back to being a club, or I should say, how do you get rid of this fake business?? Any help would be very appreciated.