My question involves court procedures for the state of: CT

Hi everyone.

I pulled into a car wash (self) the other day, and wound up with a nail in my tire. I had not yet pulled into the wash bay. It's a runflat, and all tires have 9k miles on them. Drove to the tire place, and a repair was unsucessful.

I had to get two new tires, as getting one is not an option due to difference in tread. Bill was $750

Can I sue the owner of the car wash? I can prove I was there (I had already run my CC, and have the receipt), and I have a pic of the nail (tho it was after I pulled it out). I have a pic of the tire. And of course, the receipt from the repair shop - which is registered with the state. I can match the time I brought the car in to the shop to minutes after my CC was swiped at the wash.

BUT - the argument from the other side is going to be "how do you know you didnt pick up the nail before you pulled onto the property"? Which is a valid argument, and the answer I have to that, is that it took about a minute before my console started warning me of low tire pressure, which was while I was sitting there waiting for the car in front or me to finish. If I picked up the nail on the road, it would not have taken that long to get the warning. Not sure how much water that holds. Can that argument negate me having a case?

Any experience here? Thoughts?

Thank you!