My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Florida. One week ago I put a down payment down on a used 2007 car. I brought from a BHPH dealer. The people told me the car was in great shape and nothing was wrong with it. We signed the contract and left. 2 days later the transmission gave me a problem but no warning lights or check engine lights ever came on. We took it to a mechanic who plugged it to a machine only to discover a lot of code. Turns out there was a code for the transmission, cylinder code, air bags and tires. Which no engine light showed up because the check engine lights were disabled or not working. My question is. Is it legal for a buy here pay here dealership to sale a car with disabled warning lights? Shouldn’t every car sold be inspected for safety before being sold? I have not yet paid the car off the dealership still has the tittle and my plates and registration are only good for a month.