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    Default Guardianship Objections from a Parent Not Informed of the Proceeding

    My question involves a person located in the state of:Ohio.

    I have a hearing for guardianship of my 18 year old autistic son. His biological father was not notified of the hearing because he lives out of state, but he will be notified once the hearing is over and I am granted guardianship. The court told me that his father could file an objection to the decision. I feel like I shouldn't be overly concerned even if he does because he's had no contact with him for 4 years and there is also a domestic violence protection order in place protecting us. Given these circumstances, I can't imagine that any objection would be a threat. Am I being realistic in thinking this? His dad generally likes to cause problems whenever possible and files objections to everything that he can file objections to. From what I have read through the required training hours for guardianship, it looks like objections have to be pretty detailed and show a reason why I would be unfit or that there was fraud involved in making the determination. I'm just making sure I am correct.

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