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    Default Am I Able to Change Addresses for Parole if Environment is Not Suitable

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: TX

    I was released from prison a little over a month ago after serving time for drug possession. To put things into perspective I do not have a drug problem nor am I addicted to drugs at all they were in my vehicle after being searched for warrants I had years ago. I had seen parole in county jail in Dallas because I had served most of my sentence prior to going to prison and provided my sister's address in Austin to start fresh and move away from the people that use drugs to complete parole no problem. Unfortunately my sister got evicted from her apartment before I was released from prison but because the address was confirmed my parole was set in Austin. The day I initially reported I asked my parole officer in Austin to transfer to Dallas to a friends where it was accepted. That friend was someone who picked up my belongings from county and also picked up my vehicle after I got arrested so I had to go back to Dallas to retrieve my property even if I originally paroled out to Austin. I made the mistake of using the address in Dallas because I felt that it would be okay to stay there instead of a halfway house. Since I've been out I found work and have been doing fine with parole but where I live is not suitable at all. The friend I live with lost her job right before I was released and has no means of income so most of the money I made went towards the bills and me working alone isnt enough to pay for everything. To make matters worse there are drugs in the house as well like marijuana and prescription pills. I don't use any drugs but just having them around is a big hindrance. Not too long ago my sister found a new place and a better job and had considered moving in with her because that will be a better place to complete parole. I want to talk to my PO about transferring back but I remember my first PO telling me I can only change every six months. If where I stay is not a suitable would it be possible to change my address or what I would have to do to make those changes? This will be my second time requesting a change in less than two months but I want to be able to finish parole the best way possible without any violations and I feel as though moving somewhere else would be a good start.

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    Default Re: Am I Able to Change Addresses for Parole if Environment is Not Suitable

    Just call your current PO and ask.

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    Default Re: Am I Able to Change Addresses for Parole if Environment is Not Suitable

    Have you talked to your PO, what did he said?

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