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    Default Payment of Contingency Feed When There is No Retainer Agreement

    My question involves an injury that occurred in the state of: CALIFORNIA

    I have been involved with a PI lawyer that finally got my settlement. I had to hired another lawyer after I realized my previous lawyer over charged me from the Settlement and hasn't paid to this date my largest liens.

    My new lawyer demanded to see all docs and when presented the original retainer, it was obvious it was a zero copy and half of the doc had been placed crooked on the copy when he zeroed it.

    He to this day refuses to present the original retainer.

    My new lawyer agrees with me that he probably didn't have me sign a retainer and didn't realize that until we asked for it.

    With that said, my new lawyer said if that's the fact, by law my old lawyer isn't entitled to take any money from the settlement except for his direct cost.

    Is this accurate and if so, is there a statute or precedent that backs this up?

    Thank you,


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    Default Re: No Retainer

    Were you thinking that your lawyer might have made up what he told you?

    See section 6147 of the Business & Professions Code.

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