My question involves education law in the State of: Texas
I smoked 20 minutes before the class started, (Iím 25 years old)I walked in and took a seat at the front desk. My professor called my name and said that she canít be around smokers and told me to leave the front desk, I chose a new desk in the middle of the class and when I moved my stuff and was ready to continue listening to the lecture, my professor asked me to move to the back of the class otherwise she will leave and will not continue the class! I explained that I forgot my eyeglasses and will not be able to see anything from the back, she threatened to leave if I donít move.
Iím going through the difficult process of quitting smoking and donít feel comfortable when somebody points it out especially in front of 20 other students. When I moved to the back I felt so measurable so I started crying and left the class.