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    Default Order in Supplemental Proceedings

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of:Utah I am ordered to go to a "order in supplemental proceedings in 2 weeks." The letter says not to sell or get rid of anything. However I'm worried they are going to take my car. It's for an old capital one card back in 1999. Would it help me if I added someones name onto my car title? Do I need to be worried they are going to take it? Also the last time this was brought to my attention, a constable was at my house demanding $125 or he was taking me to jail so I paid him and I only got half of it back. Not realizing I got played until after the fact, why do I have to go to court on this matter ?

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    Default Re: Order in Supplemental Proceedings

    No, fraudulently adding somebody to the title won't protect the asset and, worse, it puts you at risk of losing any exemption that you may be able to claim in the asset.

    You have to go to court because you have been ordered to go to court. We cannot comment on the order, as we have no access to the order or case history, so if you want to know if you have a basis to challenge the order you should consult a local lawyer.

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