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    Default Debt Paid but a Collector is Now Trying to Collect

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: Indiana

    I posted a similar question but not getting many answers. In 2014 and 2015 we hired a company to help us pay off our credit card debts. Last week a debt collection company sent me notice that they had purchased 2 of those accounts and now want me to pay them AGAIN. We paid them off and even took a BIG tax hit on the amount we settled on and paid off. It was counted as income.

    I contacted the company we used ClearONe Advantage and Global Client SOlutions and they tell me that they can not help me and that they do not have any records of what debts we settled and paid off thru them. Unfortunately, we recently moved and I have no idea where my records are. I don't understand why this company does not and did not keep these records? Isn't there some law that they should have?


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    Default Re: Debt Paid but a Collector is Now Trying to Collect

    As we have tried to explain, you will need to try to get records from wherever they may be obtained. If that is difficult or ultimately impossible, that's unfortunate -- and you can try to make your case in court, potentially bringing claims in any litigation against the organizations that you hired to pay your debts. But if no records exist, nothing we say will make them come into existence.

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