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    Default Why Don't Felonies Show Up on Background Checks for Firearm Owner ID cards

    My question involves criminal records for the state of: Mississippi and Illinois. Why don't felony records show background checks for Firearm owner ID cards? The Illinois shooter was allowed to buy a gun and a bunch of ammo. I read that the background check for that doesn't show his previous felony in Mississippi. This is insane!! Isn't that the whole point of background checks?.... to see if there is something bad there that should give reason for not letting wackos have weapons??!!!!

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    Default Re: Aroura Illinois Shooter Illegal Gun Ownership

    It should have shown up. They check your records held by the Feds

    i don’t think you have the whole story

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    Default Re: Aroura Illinois Shooter Illegal Gun Ownership

    There does appear to be something to this. According to what I have read today, the shooter had a concealed carry application's secondary background check that discovered the felony conviction and prevented further purchases, but he was still in possession of a handgun he purchased in 2014. Why that purchase was not then dealt with sometime later and after subsequent violent arrests, we don't know. Either there was a huge foul-up, opr, the MS record was not entered into the FBI criminal offender database and/or was not immediately discovered for some reason.

    I imagine more details will emerge as the days move on so there may be more to this.
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    Default Re: Aroura Illinois Shooter Illegal Gun Ownership

    The first check for the ID card didn't include a fingerprint check. Maybe this check was completed by using only the state police database. Being the felony was from another state, it didn't show in IL state police records. Once the guy applied for a carry permit, they took his fingerprints to run through the national database supplied from the FBI. The felony showed... They sent him a letter to surrender his firearm that he purchased, but never did. No one followed up on that request...

    The big question is, why doe's IL only do fingerprint background checks for carry permits and not firearm purchaser ID cards?
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    Default Re: Aroura Illinois Shooter Illegal Gun Ownership

    Fingerprints are not strictly needed for a federal search, it just backs that the person who put all the rest of the identifying information on the application is who he says he is. I've had countless Virginia and NICS search done with two forms of ID. Amusingly, we had a county sheriff show up IN UNIFORM at Virginia Arms one day. Alas, he didn't have any personal ID with him at the time and that didn't suffice to have just his LEO ID (gotta have two). Even my Virginia carry permit didn't involve fingerprinting. My NC one does, but the sherrifs office that does them admits they can run the check independently of the fingerprint card.

    Of course, that doesn't seem to even be an issue, here. It's not like the guy misrepresented who he was. The failure to do the appropriate checks and followup were purely an administrative screw up.

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    Default Re: Aroura Illinois Shooter Illegal Gun Ownership

    From what I have read and heard the NICS check that is uses when buying a firearm failed. If this was because of a failure on the MS side or on the NICS I haven't heard.

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